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Shakespeare Club rosette, 1930s.


2021-22  198th season of the Club
President: Professor Lena Orlin
Life Vice President: Roger Pringle

For 2021-22 the Club will be holding a mix of virtual and in-person meetings. The programme is still under development.  More information about taking part can be found on the News page here.

12 October 2021.  SARAH DUSTAGHEER, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, University of Kent. Shakespeare and London: A Dictionary (virtual event)

9 November 2021. SARAH ELLIS, Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company. Technology and the future of theatre  (virtual event)

14 December 2021.  KIRSTEN TAMBLING, Research Associate, Shakespeare in the Royal Collections at King's College London. Herne’s Oak and the Merry House of Windsor.  (virtual event)

11 January 2022 Presidential Evening with Professor Lena Orlin. Venue: Stratford-upon-Avon Parish Hall, Old Town. CANCELLED but to be rescheduled later in the year
8 February 2022 DARREN FREEBURY-JONES, Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Thomas Kyd: Shakespeare’s Tutor (virtual event)


Minutes of past meetings may be found here

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