Shakespeare Club
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Shakespeare Courses Development Manager
at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Dr. Nick Walton, Shakespeare Courses Development Manager at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

He locked the door and sat down. The envelope was not sealed. It contained a B.W.I.A. message form. The neat B.W.I.A. writing said:MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM KINGSTON AT 12:15: THE SAMPLES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT 3-1/2 S.L.M.AS FROM MIDDAY TOMORROW. There was cheap authentic nba jerseys no signature. Bond uttered a short bark of laughter and triumph. S.L.M. Savannah La Mar. Could it be? It must be! At last the three red stars of a jackpot had clicked into line. What was it his Gleaner horoscope had said? Well he would go nap on this clue from outer space seize it with both hands as the Gleaner had instructed. He read the message again and carefully put it back in the envelope. His damp handkerchief had left marks on the buff envelope. In this heat they would dry out in a matter of minutes. He went out and sauntered over to the stand. There was no one in sight. He slipped the message back into its place under S and walked over to the Aeronaves de Mexico booth and cancelled his reservation. He then went to the BOAC counter and looked through the timetable. Yes, the Luna flight for Kingston, New York and London was due in at 13:15 the next day. He was going to need help. He remembered the name of Head of Station J. He went over to the telephone booth and got through to the High Commissioner's Office. He asked for Commander Ross. After a moment a girl's voice came on the line. Commander Ross's assistant. Can I help you? There was something vaguely familiar in the lilt of the voice. Bond said, Could I speak to Commander Ross? This is a friend from London . The girl's voice became suddenly alert. I'm afraid Commander Ross is away from Jamaica . Is there anything I can do? There was a pause. What name did you say? I didn't say any name. But in fact it's. . . . The voice broke in excitedly. Don't tell me. It's James! Bond laughed. Well I'm damned! It's Goodnight! What the hell are you doing here? More or less what I used to do for you. I heard you were back, but I thought you were ill or something. How absolutely marvellous!

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But where are you talking from? Kingston Airport . Now listen, darling. I need help. We can talk later. Can you get cracking? Of course. Wait till I get a pencil. Right. First I need a car. Anything that'll go. Then I want the name of the top man at Frome, you know, the WISCO estate beyond Savannah La Mar. Large-scale survey map of that area, a hundred pounds in Jamaican money. Then be an angel and ring up Alexander's the auctioneers and find out anything you can about a property that's advertised in today's Gleaner. Say you're a prospective buyer. Three-and-a-half Love Lane . You'll see cheap authentic nba jerseys china the details. Then I want you to come out to Morgan's Harbour where I'm going in a minute, be staying the night there, and we'll have dinner and swop secrets until the dawn steals over the Blue Mountains. Can do? Of course. But that's a hell of a lot of secrets. What shall I wear? Something that's tight in the right places. Not too many buttons. She laughed. You've established your identity. Now I'll get on with all this. See you about seven. 'Bye. Gasping for air, James Bond pushed his way out of the little sweatbox. He ran his handkerchief over his face and neck. He'd be damned! Mary Goodnight, his darling secretary from the old days in the Double-O Section! At Headquarters they had said she was abroad. He hadn't asked any questions. Perhaps she had opted for a change when he had gone missing. Anyway, what a break! Now he'd got an ally, someone he knew. Good old Gleaner! He got his bag from the Aeronaves de Mexico booth and went out and hailed a taxi and said Morgan's Harbour and sat back and let the air from the open windows begin to dry him.The romantic little hotel is cheap authentic nba jerseys for kids on the site of Port Royal at the tip of the Palisadoes. The proprietor, an Englishman who had once been in Intelligence himself and who guessed what Bond's job was, was glad to see him. He showed Bond to a comfortable air-conditioned room with a view of the pool and the wide mirror of Kingston Harbour . He said, What is it this time? Cubans or smuggling? They're the popular targets these days. Just on my way through. Got any lobsters? Of course. Be a good chap and save two for dinner. Broiled with melted butter. And a pot of that ridiculously expensive foie gras of yours. All right? Wilco. Celebration? Champagne on the ice? Good idea. Now I must get a shower and some sleep. That Kingston Airports murder. James Bond awoke at six. At first he didn't know where he was. He lay and remembered. Sir James Molony had said that his memory would be sluggish for a while.

Although the Stratford Shakespeare Club is the oldest society in existence, dating from 1824, it was preceded by clubs such as the Shakespeare Ladies Club, a group of intellectual women who, in the 1730s, influenced a revival in Shakespeare performance and contributed to the Westminster Abbey Shakespeare monument.

Other societies were formed for a variety cheap authentic nba jerseys for sale of purposes. The New Shakspere Society founded in 1874 aimed to publish texts for its members. The Shakespeare Reading Club was one of many bringing people together to read the plays. Other groups hold luncheons, organise outings, and screen films. The British Empire Shakespeare Society aimed to promote Shakespeare as a symbol of Britishness, and foreign clubs often had a political purpose, connecting with the wider world while claiming Shakespeare for their own.

Dr Walton's talk ended with a general discussion about the future development of the Club. It was suggested that for its bicentenary in 2024 the Club should apply to regain the Royal patronage it had when first founded. The holding of the 10th ISA Congress in London and Stratford in 2016 gives the Shakespeare Club an opportunity to contribute. Members were encouraged to bring their ideas to future meetings. The meeting closed at 9pm.


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