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Read more: news/uk/home-news/sas-inquest-deaths-of-three-soldiers-down-to-a-catalogue-of-gross-failures-court-concludes-10389021 Deaths of soldiers down to 'gross failures'
news/uk/home-news/sas-inquest-experts-call-for-military-to-be-stripped-of-its-legal-protection-for-noncombat-deaths-following-damning-verdict-10389203 Experts call for military to be stripped of legal protection
news/uk/home-news/sas-inquest-neglect-played-part-in-deaths-of-three-reservists-during-training-coroner-rules-10387679 'Neglect played part' in SAS training deathsThe officer admitted it was the first time he had organised adventure training. An Austrian company provided the white-water rafting experience and he had relied on it to provide an assessment of the dangers involved.Assistant Coroner Margaret Jones said one of the owners of the rafting company and the guide on the raft had both declined offers to give evidence in person or by video link. wholesale nfl jerseys china nfl jerseys for sale cheap nfl jerseys authentic