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Nour, 20, from Syria

inline-image w460 leftAligned inline-image w460 leftAligned The contents of Nour's bag inLineImageCaption The contents of Nour's bagNour played guitar and painted in Syria for seven years.With bombs and gunfire in the distance, he grabbed the items with the most personal meaning before leaving for Turkey.Almost all are gifts from friends: a watch from his girlfriend, a rosary he never lets touch the floor and a guitar pick from a friend.��I left Syria with two bags, but the smugglers told me I could only take one. In this volume she has to juggle her new shape-shifting powers and her status as an ��Inhuman�� with more typically adolescent problems �C like how to navigate the school dance and what to do about a love interest. Written by G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa, it��s both funny and an acute portrayal of teenage life. wholesale jerseys nfl cheap jerseys china cheap jerseys wholesale